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Eurythmy sculpture (ca. 1955) at the Swiss Embassy in Washington, D.C.
by Andre Ramseyer

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This picture is taken from James M. Goode's "Outdoor Sculpture" (1974) & is used with Mr. Goode's permission.
The sculpture is one of a few dozen from his original book that were not included in the updated version, "Washington Sculpture" (2008). Click here for purchasing information.

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0000001/00067_0010063329 (added ca. 8/16/2009)

More Info
James M. Goode's
'Outdoor Sculpture' (paperback p308 Item #H-29)
(He excluded it from 'Washington Sculpture')

Medium: Bronze
Artist: Andre Ramseyer
Related subjects: Abstract Art
Location: 2900 Cathedral Ave, NW Washington, D.C.

Nearest Metro: Woodley Park - Zoo - Adams Morgan (Red) (click station name for all sculptures nearby) (dcMem ID #67 )

Goode's "Outdoor Sculpture" has this as one of its 327 entries but it isn't one of the 503 entries in "Washington Sculpture" nor is the sculptor's bio in the appendix.

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