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KOVATS, Michael de (Kováts Mihály) Equestrian Statue (ca. 2003) at the Hungarian Embassy in Washington, D.C.
by Paul Takacs
located in James M. Goode's Connecticut Avenue area (click link for more in that area)

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More Info
James M. Goode's
'Washington Sculpture' (hardcover p 101 Item #2.28; Connecticut Avenue area)

Medium: Bronze
Artist: Paul Takacs
Location: 3910 Shoemaker Street NW Washington, D.C.
See Connecticut Avenue area in James Goode's Washington Sculpture
Nearest Metro: Cleveland Park (Red) (click station name for all sculptures nearby) (dcMem ID #1586 )

3110 Shoemaker St NW (Hungarian Embassy) – Conn, E on Tilden St

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Article about unveiling of Kovats statue in DC
Wikipedia article on Kovats
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